Things Marianist: What Is the Marianist Tradition of Prayer?

TM Prayer
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by Stephen M. Glodek, SM


How did Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, Founder of the Marianist Family, teach people to pray? There are many prayer traditions within the Church, so what makes prayer Marianist?

Brother Stephen Glodek, SM, examines these questions and Chaminade's method of prayer in "What is the Marianist Tradition of Prayer?" Areas examined in this issue include prayer of the heart and the five "tools" of Chaminade's methodology of prayer.



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    A sample of Brother Glodek's words:

    "Prayer is most fundamentally allowing the time and space to raise one's mind and heart to God in order to penetrate oneself with God's presence. The raising of the mind to God involves deep reflection on certain truths of the faith that have been revealed. One positions oneself before the revealed truth in order to more deeply grasp the truth. Raising the heart to God in prayer involves the effort to change, to try to put oneself in closer conformity with Jesus Christ."