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Twelve Days of Christmas

Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon



This booklet is a gift from all of us at the North American Center for Marianist Studies. Take time for prayer, reflection, and transformation. Take time for yourself. We wish you a blessed holiday season filled with peace and love.

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The Greatest Gift

By: Susan Handle Terbay


Right now, in many areas of our country, there are lots of goodbye tears, well-wishing, and excitement of what is yet to be. It’s graduation time, and many young people are journeying into the unknown of what is about to happen in their lives. Oh, some may know they have a job awaiting their arrival, or they have been accepted to finish their education at another academic institution. Still some others may know they will be doing service in a foreign country or pursuing a life with another.

The Three O'Clock Prayer

By: Jean-Baptiste Armbruster
Translated by: Joseph Stefanelli, SM
Source: The Armbruster Collection (NACMS)

Three O'Clock Prayer

[Note: The following material was published by NACMS in 2004 as part of The Armbruster Collection, Monograph Series—Document No. 50—pp. 103-21. It is now provided to you in electronic format as an aid on your Lenten journey and as away to educate the Marianist Family on the origins and meaning of the Three O’Clock Prayer.]


Mary an Activist?

By: Susan Handle Terbay


This morning the news is once again filled with humankind’s inhumanity to each other. As I hold my rosary beads in my hands I think of so many mothers who hold in their hands the blood of their children who have been killed through the violence that our world continues to embrace. As I vision such horror, I also vision Mary’s hands with her palms up and the blood of her son on them because violence took his life as well.


Faith of the Heart in the Heart of the World

By: Isabella Moyer

Isabella Moyer


See the file attachment below for this Marianist Lay Community circular on faith of the heart.


Marianist Founders on Faith

Year of Faith

Marianist Founders on Faith

[Editor’s Note: The material below was prepared at the request of Thomas Giardino, SM, for use by the Dayton SM Directors in preparation for Founders Day, 2013. All quotations below pertain to faith, a theme drawn upon during this “Year of Faith” in the Church.]

Marianist Family Quotes


Marianist Family Quotes is a resource for personal use or use in a communal setting, such a classroom or parish. This series is comprised of three electronic files--located below--and covers the Marianist Founders, social justice, and the Marianist charism.

For Your Inner Comic Kid

Source: Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest, a comic book, ran “The Story of the Society of Mary in America” in 1950. The Catholic University of America has scanned this publication as part of its collection.

While the material in the margins can be a bit of a challenge to read, this colorful story of our color-filled history is worthy of one’s time, especially for a trip down memory lane.


Click Here for the Marianist Comic