Welcome Set

Welcome Set
Price: $25.00


To: Principals, Presidents, and Mission Integration Chairs of Marianist Institutions


Pop Quiz



True or False: 1. Educators LOVE gifts.

True or False: 2. Educators LOVE learning.

True or False: 3. Educators LOVE books.


If you answered True to all three of these questions, the North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS) would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase a “Welcome Set” of five of our most popular books on Marianist topics for new hires at your Marianist Institution for the sale price of $25.00. It is a great way to show Marianist hospitality!



See the PDF below or click on the title and author listing for information on each works included in this special offer.


Running Giant by Louis Reile, SM

Marianist Praxis by Stephen Glodek, SM

The Promise and the Path: Starting and Sustaining Marianist Communities by Thomas F. Giardino, SM

Mary, Holy Possibility

A Manual of Marianist Spirituality by Quentin Hakenewerth, SM