José María Salaverri, SM
This is the Spanish original of the NACMS translation "Maybe God Will Speak to Me." Either in English or in Spanish, the story of Faustino Pérez-Manglano is a spiritually-moving account of a boy's struggle with blood cancer and his desire to be a Marianist brother.

143 pgs.

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It all happened in Alacuás, while Faustino was making the retreat with his ninth grade companions. . . . The next day, the third day of the retreat, was the day for Confessions. Faustino approached the priest, saying, “After confessing, I have something to tell you, Father.” The priest’s intuition told him, “He is going to tell me he has a vocation.” And this was it. Faustino said, “Father I’ve thought a lot about it. I want to consecrate myself to God. I want to become a Marianist.”. . . The priest said, “Look, Faustino, I think that’s fine. But earnestly pray that the Lord will enlighten you, so you can clearly see God’s will. “. . . But to Faustino, it was clear. He had said “yes” to God and would not go back on his promise. Faustino never doubted that God had called him, and he considered October 22 a turning point in his life. . . . Here is what his diary for that day says: “How good it is here in Alacuás! For the rest of the retreat I’m going to remain completely silent. Maybe God will speak to me.”

Pórtico 3

Él 42

Dios 69

Era Todo Sonrisa 123