Meghann Naveau and Nancy Woeste are Lay Marianists who share about their experiences of serving on the temporalities committee of the Dayton Marianist Family Council and how that engagement positioned them to help the Marianist Family respond to needs within the City of Dayton. Tune in and be inspired to think about how the Marianist Family is calling you to be a catalyst for solidarity and the common good in your local context.

Meghann and Nancy have been part of the Queen of Apostles Community (or QAC) which transitioned from a non-territorial Marianist parish to a Lay Community on January 1, 2024. They also share about the impact the Marianist Family has had on their lives and some upcoming steps for the Dayton Marianist Family to enhance their engagement in solidarity initiatives in the Dayton area.

Learn more about the Dayton Marianist Family Council.

Learn more about the Mission of Mary Cooperative and the Dakota Center, two of the Dayton Marianist Family’s Solidarity Initiatives that are briefly mentioned in this episode.

See a transcript of the podcast episode here.

Recorded on 6 Dec 2023.  Published on 9 February 2024. Hosted and edited by Mike Bennett, Media Administrator for the North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS).
Music: “Travel Light” by Jason Shaw (used with permission via Creative Commons License; see more of his work at