The NACMS library has the largest number of Marianist-oriented books, periodicals, and unbound material in the English-speaking world.

The library is divided into two sections: The Marianist Collection and the Adjunct Collection.

  • The Marianist Collection consists of works on Marianist spirituality, life, and history. Works include fundamental documents such as the Letters of Chaminade and Adèle, the Chaminade Legacy volumes as well as documents related to the causes for sainthood of Marianists.  The Marianist Collection includes works in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean.  Whenever possible, English translations of Marianist works in languages other than English are also in the collection.
  • The Adjunct Collection consists of works on subjects related to Marianist Studies, works that provide background to material in the Marianist Collection, or support NACMS programming and publication activities.  Included in the Adjunct Collection are subjects such as the French School of Spirituality, the French Revolution, and materials on contemporary theology and Church life.

The NACMS Library is a non-circulating reference collection. Duplicates or used copies may be available for purchase or photocopying; the NACMS Bookstore has items for purchase.

The NACMS Library is under the direction of Bro. Andrew Kosmowski, SM (Lead Librarian) and Teresa Trimboli, the NACMS Librarian who created the Marianist Library Classification schedules.  This system is used by NACMS and is based on the Library of Congress. It was developed specially for use in cataloging and classifying Marianist materials. 

The cataloged materials of both the Marianist and Adjunct Collections can be accessed by way of the NACMS web page and clicking on the Library link.

To hear more about the work our Librarians do, check out this special podcast episode on the NACMS Library!