About MSP 2.0

NACMS is pleased to present an exciting opportunity for exploration and scholarship, for study and sharing, for deep personal learning that can benefit the entire Marianist Family. We call this opportunity MSP 2.0.

MSP 2.0 is a year-long program of assisted inquiry into a topic in Marianist Studies.  Through reading and discussion, monthly virtual meetings, and a week at NACMS, participants will engage with colleagues, experts, and the NACMS staff with a goal of producing a publishable product.

NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR MSP 2.0 2020/21! Read below for application and more information.

“In the Marianist Family, a tradition of prayer exists. In it we teach, and we learn to pray, and in it we are enriched and make progress in prayer. The family is composed of a group of believers and prayers. We have a vibrant tradition of prayer. We have had, and we still have, mentors in prayer; we take care to have places of prayer, and we develop proposals for paths of prayer. In a word, we have a life of prayer which can be identified, and which must be cared for and shared because it is the heart of our best Marianist tradition”. (Enfleshing the Word, Enrique Aguilera, SM, and José María Arnaiz, SM, p. 33)

Although the decision to have the topic for MSP 2.0 2020/21 be Marianist Prayer: Listening, Pondering, and Responding was made months before Covid-19 and shelter-in-place was in our vocabulary, it feels even more relevant at this moment. How can Marianist Prayer help us emerge from this pandemic as stronger people of faith? How is God calling us to offer the gift of Marianist Prayer to the church as the world is changed and changing? Join us as we explore how Marianist Prayer can guide us in this ever-changing landscape in which we find ourselves as Christians, Catholics, and Marianists.

Application deadline is July 15, 2020.

Click here to fill out the online application: https://forms.gle/yqDt9NNH8jp29ibj6

We highly recommend that you look over our MSP 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions page before you fill out the application so that you understand the parameters and expectations of the program. You can view this FAQ page here: http://nacms.org/msp-20-frequently-asked-questions

Click on the links below to learn more about MSP 2.0 or contact Patti Gehred, NACMS Program Coordinator, at gehredp1@udayton.edu for more information.