Sr. Nicole Trahan, FMI professed first vows of June of 2008 and perpetual vows in 2013. She serves as the Vocation Director for the Daughters of Mary Immaculate amongst many other professional roles. In this episode of Sharing Our Marianist Stories, Sr. Nicole shares about her experience in Nairobi, Kenya as a participant in the Nazareth Program, a formation program for emerging formators within the Marianist Family.

After giving a brief framework of the program itself, Sr. Nicole describes the dynamic of community that developed amongst the program’s participants, how that sense of community was impacted by the diversity within the group, and how this experience fuels her ministry and her hopes for the Marianist Family.

See a transcript of this podcast episode here.

Recorded on 6 Nov 2023.  Published on 9 February 2024. Hosted and edited by Mike Bennett, Media Administrator for the North American Center for Marianist Studies (NACMS).
Music: “Travel Light” by Jason Shaw (used with permission via Creative Commons License; see more of his work at