Mike Bennett, the Media Administrator for NACMS, facilitated two opportunities for groups at the University of Dayton on November 28.

First, Mike led a formation session for graduate students in the Department of Religious Studies that encouraged them to reflect on Mary’s discipline of pondering and how they might journey with Mary during Advent. Students were encouraged to consider how Mary practiced and embodied the discipline of pondering in the Annunciation, Visitation, and Nativity stories. This exercise encouraged them to walk with Mary in their continued journey as graduate students.

Next, Mike facilitated a session to help the Marianist Educational Associates (MEAs) at the University of Dayton understand NACMS’ mission and resources while also brainstorming potential collaborations to aid MEAs in their work. To learn more about Marianist Educational Associates, visit the Association of Marianist Universities website.

If you’d like NACMS to facilitate a session for a group or have ideas about opportunities and resources that you’d find beneficial, email nacms1@gmail.com to reach out to our staff.

Published in the December 2023 edition of the NACMS Newsletter.