Joseph Stefanelli, SM
Monograph Series - Document No. 53; Volume 3 - Notes for Conferences and Sermons, Part One.

The Chaminade Legacy, Volume 2
Monograph Series - Document 53
Volume Two - Notes for Conferences and Sermons, Part One
487 pgs.

The next three volumes (2, 3, and 4) of The Chaminade Legacy gather together Father Chaminade's notes for conferences and sermons. In his own words to the police of Bordeaux.

These eight notebooks contain very incomplete notes, and some extracts or partial extracts of other works. There is little order or connection among them . . . he jotted down his thoughts on loose sheets of paper. When he thought he had sufficiently grasped his subject, he stopped writing. The majority of these writings were never revised. All of these loose sheets were gathered together by his secretary a few months ago; two of the notebooks are not even yet covered.

The same observation may be made for Father Chaminade's other small notebooks. He never wrote out a speech or a conference, only notes to focus his ideas. Most of the time, he did not even record his final thought. . . .

An earlier edition of these notes, as the Notes d'Instruction, was published at Fribourg between 1963 and 1967 in 13 mimeographed volumes. With few exceptions, these notes are usually autographs. They may be dated between 1800 and 1809, and almost all were intended for lay people. They are published in the order of the classification in the General Archives (AGMAR) of the Society of Mary in Rome.It may be asked what profit we may draw from reading these notes for conferences and sermons. A person interested in theology and the history of theology can find here a living insight into what the Church was teaching during the first quarter of the 19th century, right after the French Revolution.

Document 51: On the Rule of Life

[334] 1. Its usefulness. (1) The Rule sanctifies all the actions of a Christian by giving to each of them a Christian motivation and by excluding the human motives which corrupt them. (2) A regulated life helps us practice the great precept of the love of God, the presence of God, continual prayer, referral of our actions to God. Relating to God at every moment is beyond human ability; the Rule supplies it virtually. (3) A regulated life helps us practice at every moment the precept of patience. (4) A regulated life, moreover, corrects, weakens, and reforms the passions. Young David, fighting the beasts, prepared himself for a fight with giants. (5) A regulated life provides tranquility in life by the satisfaction it gives the [335] soul. A secure mind is like a continual feast [Prov 15:15].

Translator's Note
A Word to the Reader

Small Loose Sheets

Living the Faith
1. Religion Brings Happiness
2. Obligation to Serve God from Our Youth
3. God Is All
4. On Faith
5. Concerning Faith
6. Twelve Articles of the Creed and the Twelve Apostles
7. Forgetfulness of God. Practical Atheism
8. Various Subjects of Meditation

The Last Things
9. On the Necessity of Remote Preparation for Death. As Is Life, So Is Death
10. On Death
11. Meditation on Death. Its Nature. Punishment for Sin.
12. Why Are People so Indifferent about the Last Things?
13. On the General Conflagration
14. On Hell
15. On Hell. The Truth of Its Existence
16. On Hell
17. On Heaven

Jesus Christ and His Church
18. Jesus Christ. His Personal Character, Wisdom, and Holiness
19. List of the Feasts of the Apostles
20. The Nativity
21. On the Circumcision
22. The Epiphany
23. The Justice of God Regarding Jesus Christ
24. The Resurrection
25. Repose of Jesus Christ in Heaven: Sedet
26. The Judgment of God, Carried Out by Jesus Christ
27. The Church
28. Unity of Body, Unity of Spirit or Soul
29. The Kingdom of Heaven
The Spiritual Life
30. On Spiritual Rebirth
31. On Self-knowledge
32. On the Interior Law
33. On Conscience
34. Conscience
35. On Prayer
36. Of Constancy in Prayer (Luke 18:1-8)
37. Prayer
38. The Name of Jesus
39. Conference on Contrition
40. Practice for the Week. Humility
41. Notes on Humility
42. Practice for the Week. Mortification
43. Practice for the Week. Mortification for the Penitent
44. Notes on Mortification
45. On the Love of God
46. Love for God [Preferential Love]
47. On the Love of God. Second Part. Happiness of Heaven
48. Of Fervor and Half-heartedness
49. Retreat
50. On Examen
51. On the Rule of Life
52. The Religious State, the Hidden Treasure of Religion
53. Sermon for the Feast of Saint Magdalene

Retreat and Conferences
54. Retreat for Lay People, 1818
55. Liturgical Conferences

Large Loose Sheets

Faith and Good Works
56. The Life of Faith
57. Notes on the Word of God
58. On Good Works

The Last Ends
59. On the Ends of Human Beings
60. Sin Expels God from the Soul and Allows the Demon to Enter
61. Meditation on Sin, considering Number, Weight, and Measure
62. Venial Sin
63. Particular Judgment of the Sinner
64. Heaven

Jesus Christ
65. "I am the Way" (John 14:6)
66. Jesus Christ, Eternal and Substantial Light
67. Marks of the Spirit of Jesus Christ
68. Entering into the Dispositions of Christ
69. Sermon on the Mystery of the Incarnation
70. Notes on the Conference on the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
71. Sermon for the Feast of Christmas
72. Sermon for the Day after Christmas
73. For the Nativity of Jesus Christ
74. The Circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ
75. On the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Conference on the Advantages of Mental Prayer
76. Jesus Christ in All the Mysteries of His Suffering and Death
77. Notes on the Conference on the Truth of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
78. On the Five Wounds of Our Lord after His Resurrection and, in Particular, the Wound in His Side

The Church
79. The Authority of the Church in Matters of Faith
80. Various Names Given to the Church in the Christian Scriptures

The Spiritual Life
81. Temptations
82. Temptations
83. Temptations
84. Notes on Prayer
85. On the Passions
86. The Object of Morality
87. Virtues
88. The Evangelical Virtues, or the Eight Beatitudes
89. Humility
90. Purity of Intention
91. Humility
92. On Submission to the Will of God
93. Impurity

94.  Renewal of Baptismal Vows
95.  Motives for Attrition
96.  Contrition
97.  Easter Communion
98.  Dispositions for Communion
99.  Preparation for Communion
100. Sermon for a Marriage

Various Subjects
101. Conversion of the Jews, Elijah and Enoch
102. Response to the First Question
103. Prayer
104. Sermon for Pentecost

Jesus and His Cross
105. The Narrow Path
106. Bodily Life of Jesus Christ
107. The Faith which Justifies. Justus ex fite vivit
108. Practice of Union with Jesus Christ
109. The Sign of the Cross
110. The Power of the Sign of the Cross
111. Choice of the Sufferings of the Cross
112. Efficacy [of the Cross]

Large Loose Sheets

The Virgin Mary
113. Texts on Mary
114. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
115. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
116. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Its Foundation
117. Mary's Mercy
118. The Mystical City of God
119. Mary Was Conceived without Sin
120. The Immaculate Conception
121. The Immaculate Conception
122. The Immaculate Conception
123. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
124. Sermon for the Nativity of Mary
125. Notes for a Sermon on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
126. Thoughts on Chastity for the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
127. The Annunciation
128. Sermon on the Annunciation. Notes
129. Mary's Grace
130. The Visitation
131. Sermon on the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin
132. Explanation of the Magnificat
133. The Purification of the Blessed Virgin
134. Sermon for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
135. Mary's Glory. Nature and Cause
136. The Virtues of the Blessed Virgin
137. Mary's Assumption

Large Loose Sheets

Instructions for the Sodalists

Married and Professional Life
138. General Characteristics of the Heart According to Nature and According to Habits and Vicissitudes of Life
139. Changes in a Young Man because of His Marriage
140. Necessity of a Call in order To Enter any Profession
141. Obligations of a Sodalist
142. Notes
143. Necessity of Fleeing the Word, or of Becoming a Sodalist
144. Human Respect

The Sodality of the Laity
145. Subjects for Instructions for the Sodalists
146. Public Renewal of Baptismal Vows
147. Renewal of Baptismal Vows
148. Ceremonial for the Renewal of Baptismal Vows
149. Covenant with the Lord, or Renewal of Vows
150. Renewal of Consecration to the Blessed Virgin
151. Renewal of the Act of Consecration to the Blessed Virgin
152. Ceremonial for the Renewal of the Covenant with the Most Blessed Virgin
153. Organization

Large Loose Sheets

Obedience and Conscience
154. Fragments on Obedience and Conscience

Gray Notebook No. 1

The Virgin Mary
155. Time Periods in the Life of the August Mary
156. Reconciliation of Two Genealogies, That of Mary and That of Joseph
157. Abraham's Age
158. Mary, the Hope of All Peoples
159. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
160. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
161. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin as a Sign of Predestination
162. Sermon on the Grandeurs of Mary
163. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Its Foundations
164. Mary, Mother of the Church
165. Ave, gratia plena (Luke 1:28)
166. The Immaculate Conception
167. Praying to Mary
168. Sermon. Mary Is Our Mother
169. The Blessed Virgin as Our Mother
170. Mary, Eve of the New Covenant
171. Mary, Our Hope
172. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin
173. The Mystery of the Rosary
174. Mary, Victorious over the Demon
175. Consecration to the Cult of the Blessed Virgin
176. Consecration to the Blessed Virgin
177. The Holy Name of Mary
178. Conference on the Conception of the Blessed Virgin for the Vigil or Preparation for the Solemnity
179. Another Conference on the Same Subject
180. Conception of the Blessed Virgin
181. For the Feast of Mary's Conception
182. For the Feast of Mary's Conception
183. The Immaculate Conception
184. Sermon for the Immaculate Conception
186. Outline of a Sermon for the Immaculate Conception
187. Material for Another Sermon for the Immaculate Conception
188. Sermon on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
189. Sermon on the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin
190. The Presentation
191. The Presentation
192. the Purification of the Blessed Virgin
193. Second Sermon for the Purification of Mary, Model of Submission
194. Answer to Questions about the Purification
195. Sermon for the Purification
196. The Compassion of the Blessed Virgin
197. Mary, Our Mother, on Calvary
198. On Calvary. Saint John and Priests
199. On Calvary. Mary and Priests
200. On Calvary. Mary Is Our Mother
201. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
202. Sermon on the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
203. Notes on Mary

Saint Joseph
204. Saint Joseph
205. Saint Joseph
206. The Death of Saint Joseph
207. Devotion to the Blessed Virgin

Priests and Religious
208. Exhortations
209. Extract from La Sainteté et les devoirs de la vie monastique
210. The Obligation of Priests to Seek Perfection

Love of God
211. The Most Holy Trinity
212. Degrees in the Love of God, according to Saint Thomas, Saint Bernard, and Saint John of the Cross
213. Continuation. Love of God
214. Harm Done to the Soul by the Slightest Disorderly Attachments
215. Spiritual Maxims
216. Schism

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