This book includes 52 articles that reflect the major themes in the life of Marianist religious.

Ambrogio Albano, SM, General Editor

English Version, 1423 pgs.


This book includes 52 articles that reflect the major themes in the life of Marianist religious. For a listing of subject matter in this work, please see the contents page.

Foreword, José María Salaverri, SM
General Introduction, Ambrogio Albano, SM
Introduction to the English Edition, The Editors

1.     Administration in the Society of Mary, Enrique Torres, SM
2.     Apostolic Action, Paul Vollmar, SM
3.     Authority, Eduardo Benlloch, SM
4.     Baptism, James L. Heft, SM
5.     Chaminade, Joseph Verrier, SM
6.     Chapters in the Society of Mary, Enrique Torres, SM – Stephen Tutas, SM
7.     Charism, Juan María Artadi, SM
8.     Charity and Love, Alfonso Gil, SM
9.     Chastity, Manuel Cortès, SM
10.    The Church, Fernando Onetto, SM
11.    Community in the Society of Mary, Natale Brivio, SM
12.    Community of Faith, Manuel Madueño, SM
13.    Consecration to Mary, William Cole, SM
14.    Dialogue, Eugen Mensdorff-Pouilly, SM
15.    Direction, Quentin A. Hakenewerth, SM
16.    Discernment, Norbert Brockman, SM
17.    Education, Bernard Vial, SM
18.    The Eucharist, José Luis Otaño, SM
19.    The Family of Mary, Francisco José García de Vinuesa, SM
20.    Family Spirit, Cecilio de Lora, SM
21.    Formation, Manuel Cortès, SM
22.    Friendship, Pierino De Martini, SM
23.    Holiness, José María Salaverri, SM
24.    Jesus Christ, José Ramón García-Murga, SM
25.    Justice and Peace, Philip T. Aaron, SM
26.    The Kingdom of God, Ambrogio Albano, SM
27-28  Liturgy and the Liturgy of the Hours, Antonio Bringas, SM
29.    Marianist Stability, Joseph Verrier, SM
30.    Mary, Luigi Gambero, SM
31.    Meditation, Marcel Coulin, SM
32.    Mission, David A. Fleming, SM
33.    Mixed Composition, Enrique Torres, SM
34.    Obedience, Juan Bielza, SM
35.    Participation, Lucio Galbersanini, SM
36.    Poverty, Fernando Cano-Manuel, SM
37.    Prayer, Vincent Gizard, SM
38.    Religious Consecration, Luigi Favero, SM
39.    Religious Perfection, Jean Baptiste Armbruster, SM
40.    Religious Profession, Luigi Favero, SM
41.    Resurrection, Bertrand Buby, SM
42.    The Rule of Life, Jean Claude Délas, SM
43.    The Sacraments, Ambrogio Albano, SM
44.    Salvation, Ambrogio Albano, SM
45.    Service, Alois Leitner, SM
46.    The Spirit of Faith, Ignacio Zabala, SM
47.    The System of Virtues, Serge Hospital, SM
48.    The Three Offices, Joseph Stefanelli, SM
49.    Vigilance, Serge Hospital, SM
50.    Vocation, Natale Brivio, SM
51.    Witness, Lorenzo Amigo, SM
52.    The Word of God, George T. Montague, SM