Paul J. Landolfi, SM
Father Landolfi facilitates conversation between Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the reader. Each chapter begins with a passage from scripture that depicts an event or description of Jesus' life.

by Paul J. Landolfi, SM
148 pgs.

This publication was published by Saragossa Publications and is being distributed by NACMS.

In this book, Father Landolfi facilitates conversation between Mary, the mother of Jesus, and the reader. Each chapter begins with a passage from scripture that depicts an event or description of Jesus' life. Father Landolfi then poses questions that ask the reader to look at this passage through the eyes of Mary and Jesus. Father Landolfi writes, "This booklet may be used individually for personal prayer or for group prayer discussion. The conversation hopefully will engender conversation of one's own."

Mary, you are an excellent listener.

Mary remembers

He was speaking when suddenly a bright cloud overshadowed them. Out of the cloud came a voice which said, This is My beloved Son on whom my favor rests. Listen to Him. (Matthew 17:5)

We reflect

The story of Samuel and Eli. (1 Samuel 3:1-11)

What are some of the reasons why it is so difficult to listen?

We talk with Mary

How true it is that God speaks to us, as to Elijah, in gentle whispers (1 Kings 19:9-19). Mary, you listened closely. Attentively, you picked up the inner whisperings in your heart. Could it be so? The God you adored and loved was calling to you. You sensed the presence of Gabriel, the Strength of God. The angel's message was beyond human comprehension. God was asking you to be His Mother! . . .

We Share

Give an example of a time when you listened in a totally involved way or felt listened to in such a manner. What were your feelings about this?

We Resolve

If you hear the word of God, harden not your hearts. (Psalms 95:8)

What does the Spirit of the Lord seem to be saying to you?

What implications does this have for my life? For the life of my community?

We Pray

Mary, you know how to listen. Be my teacher. Your only wish is that I be transformed into the likeness of your Son. I pray with you, as the disciples did in the Cenacle so that I may receive the fullness of the Spirit of Jesus.

Offering Prayer
Suggested guide for using this booklet


Part 1: In Union With Your Immaculate Heart

Chapter 1: A conversation with you, Mary
A. It is good to talk with You, Mary
B. How did you live the Christian Life?

Chapter 2: Mary, Jesus tells us to look to you
Chapter 3: Mary, like the apostles, we unit with you in prayer
Chapter 4: Mary, you tell us your name—I am the Immaculate Conception
Chapter 5: Mary, your Yes lets the Word of God become human and live among us
Chapter 6: Mary, you give thanks to God
Chapter 7: Mary, you are totally centered on Jesus

Part 2: Through Faith, Hope, and Love   

Chapter 8: Mary, your life is a life of faith, hope, and love
Chapter 9: Mary, you are the woman of faith
Chapter 10: Mary, you are the woman of hope
Chapter 11: Mary, you are the woman of compassion
Part 3: Preparing to Live the Life of Jesus
Chapter 12: Mary, your heart prepares you to live the life of Jesus
Chapter 13: Mary, you are the silent one
Chapter 14: Mary, you are an excellent listener
Chapter 15: Mary, you speak meaningfully from thoughtful silence
Chapter 16: Mary, you use all your gifts to become like Jesus
Chapter 17: Mary, you suffer the human condition
Chapter 18: Mary, you are docile to the Spirit
Part 4: Purified of the Obstacles to Living the Life of Jesus
Chapter 19: Mary, obstacles serve to purify your virtues
Chapter 20: Mary, your confidence rests firmly on God
Chapter 21: Mary, your trust is in Jesus
Chapter 22: Mary, you seek advice when hesitant
Chapter 23: Mary, you keep patience when obstacles arise
Chapter 24: Mary, you are faithful to your commitment
Chapter 25: Mary, you crush the head of Satan
Part 5: Living the Life of Jesus
Chapter 26: Mary, you are the living icon of Jesus' virtues
Chapter 27: Mary, you are humble like Jesus
Chapter 28: Mary, your heart is modest and grateful like Jesus
Chapter 29: Mary, you are selfless; like Jesus you embrace the Cross
Chapter 30: Mary, you refuse to create your own empire
Chapter 31: Mary, you desire that we live out our consecration

     The Life of Mary
     The Joys of Mary
     The Sorrows of Mary
     The Glories of Mary

A Final Word