William J. Chaminade
"Marian Writings" is a scholarly work that presents a complete collection of Father Chaminade's writings to his religious and lay followers regarding Mary in scripture and tradition.

Marian Writings, Vol. 2
William J. Chaminade
446 pgs.

This scholarly work presents a complete collection of Father Chaminade's writings to his religious and lay followers regarding Mary in scripture and tradition. These writings include letters, sermons, notes, personal reflections, conferences, and loose note pages taken from original sources and in Father Chaminade's own handwriting.

Father Armbruster's work contains many valuable tables and indices of interest to the analytical scholar. For example, Father Chaminade's biblical and non-biblical sources are indexed. Non-biblical sources include Father Chaminade's contemporaries as well as Saints Bernard, Augustine, and Ambrose.

Marianist scholars will appreciate the detailed completeness of this work with its use of resources from the Marianist archives, cross references and Table of Historical Introductions which give valuable insights into the origins of these documents. Also included is a key to foreign language titles that allows one to go from an English title document to the original document in the language in which it was written.

Many letters of Father Chaminade make at least an allusion to the Blessed Virgin. Some of them contain a more lengthy development and these are presented first. They "are like the milestones in the life of the Founder to which we must constantly refer."

Mary's love of God was on a par with her faith and hope. It was the soul and the very life of all her virtues. Being the Mother of fair love as she is of hope, her every act of love was of such ineffable intensity that it could not be excelled. The holy Doctors of the Church tell us that Mary loved God more in a single instant than all the angels and saints together will ever love him during all eternity. Her love of God was unique and so intense as to cause her to sacrifice herself constantly for his glory on the altar of her heart. Even more than this–oh, the sublimity of a mother's love!–Mary unceasingly immolated, by anticipation, her own divine Son in reparation of the sins of men. Her whole life was an uninterrupted, ardent act of love until that final moment when, consuming the thread of her mortal existence, love bore her as in a chariot of fire to the very throne of her divine Son.

Volume Two

Part One: Father Chaminade’s Correspondence
Complete Letters or Important Excerpts
Short Marian Quotations Arranged Thematically

Part Two: Writings for Lay Persons
Writings for the Sodality
Writings on the Religious State in the World
The Manual of the Servant of Mary

Part Three: Writings for Marianist Religious
Constitutions and Rules
Marianist Direction
Writings on Mental Prayer

Part Four: Documents for Reference
Analytical Tables for Both Volumes

Key to Foreign Language Titles

Bibliography of Titles Refereed to in the Notes

Location of Historical Introductions

Index to Biblical References

Index to Biblical Persons

Index to Persons Other Than Biblical

Table of Historical Introductions to Chaminade Sources

Alphabetical Index of Subjects