The two themes of “seeing” and “listening” are instructional to modern-day Christians in their call to do likewise.

by Quentin Hakenewerth, SM

49 pgs.

This booklet contains a clear explanation of how Mary was called to bring the whole world to Christ. The two themes of “seeing” and “listening” are instructional to modern-day Christians in their call to do likewise. Sin is defined in personalistic terms: holding one another at a distance. The result of sin is loneliness and a feeling of being worth nothing. Redemption from this state comes from the willingness to be defenseless and unprotected, as Mary was. Learning how to see and to listen frees one from alienation and sets one on a path of a meaningful life: to bring Christ into the world, with Mary as a role model and resource.

The size of this booklet is very deceiving. Its length is 49 pages, but is published in very small print format. The author’s depth of thought and development of the subject matter belies its size. The enlistment of Mary’s help in rechristianizing France formed the original basis of the Marianist charism. Father Hakenewerth invites the reader to be part of bearing Christ to the whole world.


Do you realize that you might have slept through the greatest experience of your Christian life [Baptism]? Or perhaps you cried through it or simply stared big-eyed at the one baptizing you without understanding a thing of what was going on. This more than all other events must be ntered into more fully and more consciously as your life goes on. Your baptism was a consecration, but you must constantly enter into it more fully as a free choice. That is what is meant by consecration. . . . Consecration means embracing more and more fully the actual “incarnation” taking place as the world becomes the Mystical Body of Christ . . . it means becoming more and more aware of your part in the process of Christ’s Body growing to full maturity. . . . Jesus has just one word of advice for us: “This is your mother” (Jn 19:27). And the mother likewise has a final word:  “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:6).