MSP 2.0

In the 1970s, the Marianist Studies Program brought together lay and religious Marianists for summers of study in a community context. NACMS has developed a 21st century update, MSP 2.0, which includes several of the key elements of the original Marianist Studies Program in a format more compatible with today’s lifestyles.


For 2017/2018 fourteen participants will be discussing and researching The Five Silences: Marianist Mindfulness for the 21st Century. This year-long program of inquiry includes background reading, video, and monthly virtual meetings where the participants interact with experts and share developing ideas.


By the end of the year each participant will create a scholarly project that will be published by NACMS. These final projects could be papers, podcasts, videos, or something we haven't even thought of yet. A secondary but equal goal of this program is to build a community of scholars throughout the MSP 2.0 experience.


We will be announcing and accepting application for the next MSP 2.0 topic in early 2018. 


Please contact Patti Gehred at with any questions.