Podcast: Who are the Marianist Saints? (Bro. David Betz, SM)

In this episode of Sharing Our Marianist Stories, Gabby Bibeau sits down with Brother David Betz to talk about his role as the promoter of the Marianist Saints in the United States. They talk about who are the Marianist religious and lay people on the path to sainthood, the process of canonization, and the possibility of a US-born Marianist having their cause introduced.

Marianist Prayers for Businesspeople

“Working for money every day is a job. Working every day to improve the lives of all people is a vocation,” says Albert E. Prendergast, sharing the wisdom of the Marianist Business Network. Al, a member of this Network, has developed “Marianist Prayers for Businesspeople,” a resource for those who strive to find God in their interpersonal relationships and workdays, including during business uncertainty, rejection, and success.

Podcast: Our Marianist Presence (Fr. Quentin Hakenewerth, SM)

In this episode of Sharing Our Marianist Stories, Patti Gehred and Gabby Bibeau share this interview with Fr. Quentin Hakenewerth that follows up on a previous podcast episode with Rob Brodrick, which heavily featured this quote by Fr. Quentin: "The quality of our presence is more important than our work." Fr. Quentin elaborates more on this quote in this episode, as well as touching on what Marianist presence is and how it is articulated by Fr. Chaminade.