NACMS has classified our publications by level to aid you in finding material most helpful to you:

  • Basic for those new to the Marianist world and having little or no prior knowledge of Marianist history or the Marianist charism
  • Intermediate for those who have some knowledge and understanding of things Marianist
  • Advanced for those who have significant knowledge and understanding of things Marianist and want to go deeper
  • Resource materials, including prayers, activities, and reflections for individuals and groups
  • Reference materials, including source documents and compendia

The resources listed below are found within our e-publications and bookstore. Items available in our library are not listed, but can be found by searching in our library catalog.

Adele (Hardbound)

Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon was a woman of great zeal. She empowered many women to grow in faith, community, and service.

Origins of the Marianist Family: Notes on Marianist History

It reads like a Hollywood thriller--and in fact it includes a DVD, called Where We Were Born--yet it is the essence of our Marianist history, the true story of our origins, filled with moments of joy, betrayal, and uncertainty.


A four-volume work that presents the life of William Joseph Chaminade from 1761 to 1816, ending with the foundation of the Society of Mary.

Companions of Adele (Hardbound)

Given our upcoming “Reflecting on the Companions of Adèle” program, Father Joseph Stefanelli’s Companions of Adele is on sale for only $5, plus shipping and handling. (That is an 80% savings.) Order your copy through our bookstore now before this sale expires.

Podcast: "Does Your Cow Give Milk?": A Deep Dive into One of Adèle's Letters

In an episode that is a bit of a departure from the usual format, Patti and Sr. Gabby discuss one of Blessed Adele's letters, which was written to a Marianist sister who was the director of one of the community's houses in 1825. This letter is a great window into the final years of Adele's life and the strength of her leadership. Patti and Sr. Gabby discuss the challenges the Marianist Sisters faced at this time, the tensions that existed between the Sisters and Father Chaminade, and the humor that is part of daily life in community. It's an interesting conversation that is sure to be informative whether you know a little or a lot about Adele!

Podcast: Go to Europe, Become a Sister (Sr. Marie Abmayr, FMI)

In this episode of the podcast, Sister Marie Abmayr, FMI reflects on how she became a Marianist Sister, particularly about going to Spain in 1950 for her novitiate.

Podcast: Once a Missionary, Always a Missionary (Sr. Columba Yu, FMI)

Sister Columba is a Marianist Sister from South Korea who has spent the last 13 years of her life as a missionary in India. She was among the original 4 Marianist Sisters who went to India in 2006 to begin a community of Marianist Sisters there. The Sisters live in Ranchi in the northern part of India where they do a variety of ministries including healthcare work and job training for women. Sr. Gabby interviewed Sr. Columba in December while she was visiting the United States. In this podcast, Sr. Columba shares her story of being a missionary, becoming a Marianist Sister, and what her reaction was when she was first asked by the Sisters to go to India 13 years ago.

Podcast: We're All in This Together (The Marianist Sisters Vocation Fund)

In this episode, Lay Marianists Matt Meyers and Linda Zappacosta share the story of how they helped start the Marianist Sisters Vocation Fund, which is a group of Marianist brothers, sisters, and laity who raise funds to offset the college debt of women entering the Marianist Sisters. They share about how they came to know that student debt was an obstacle to women discerning with the Sisters, how they were able to put their heads together to find a solution to the problem, and they also reflect on the beauty of the three branches working together for the future of the entire Marianist Family.

General Superiors of the FMI

Here are the names, faces, and terms of service of the women who have guided the Marianist Sisters as General Superiors. We thank God for their leadership.

Community Meeting Kit: Ten Things You May Not Know about Blessed Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon

Many people know that Blessed Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon is the founder of the Marianist Sisters. But not many may know that she began a school for young boys and girls out of her family's chateau. Adèle died on January 10, 1828, at the young age of 38. The Marianist Family celebrated her beatification 190 years later—June 10, 2018.