NACMS has classified our publications by level to aid you in finding material most helpful to you:

  • Basic for those new to the Marianist world and having little or no prior knowledge of Marianist history or the Marianist charism
  • Intermediate for those who have some knowledge and understanding of things Marianist
  • Advanced for those who have significant knowledge and understanding of things Marianist and want to go deeper
  • Resource materials, including prayers, activities, and reflections for individuals and groups
  • Reference materials, including source documents and compendia

Podcast: Our Marianist Presence (Fr. Quentin Hakenewerth, SM)

Episode 24

Fourth Station of Easter: Listening to the Voice of the Good Shepherd

NACMS is offering these guided reflections on what we are calling the Stations of Easter, each one reflecting on a different moment in the Easter season.

Podcast: The Quality of Our Presence (Rob Brodrick)

Episode 23

Podcast: Finding God in Photography (Bro. John Lemker, SM)

Episode 22

Podcast: "We are All Missionaries:" Reading Chaminade's Letter of 1839

Episode 20

Lenten Meditation 1: Praying with Jesus in the Desert

This is the first in a series of podcasts that are meditations for Lent.

Lenten Meditation 2: The Transfiguration

This is our second episode of our Lenten series of meditations.

Lenten Meditation 3: Confidence in God

This is the third episode of our Lenten series of meditations.

Lenten Meditation 4: Three O'Clock Prayer Guided Meditation

This last Lenten Meditation is a guided meditation on the Three O'Clock Prayer that transports you to the foot of the Cross with Mary.

Podcast: Responding to God's Invitation (Bro. Tom Redmond, SM on Spiritual Direction)

Episode 13